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Download the module from codeplex:

Locate your documents folder and create a folder named: WindowsPowerShell
Within that folder create a sub-folder named: Modules.

You will have the following folder structure:

Extract the zip file you downloaded to the modules folder that was just created.
You should have something like this

If you are using Powershell V3 you are now ready to use the module!
if on V2 then you would have to run:

Import-Module SLPSLIB

Online HTML Help:

All cmdlets come with buit-in help so when you want to find out how a cmdlet works you can do one of the following

Get-help cmdletname -full

the above will show you the complete help for that particular cmdlet.
If in case you just want to see some examples, use:

Get-help Get-SLDocument -examples

Cmdlet Workflow

  • Get an existing document - Modify - Save
    • use Get-SLDocument for getting a handle on an existing document
  • Create a new document - Modify - save
    • use New-SLDocument for creating a new document

If you like this project, please leave a review or if you dont like it, let me know what bugs you found and if it is within my grasp I will try to fix it.

Note: This is basically a powershell wrapper around the .Net library created by Vincent Tan so if something is broken in the .Net library i wont be bale to fix it in powershell. This will have to fixed iwthin the .Net library(spreadsheetlight.dll) itself.

Nevertheless do share your thoughts.

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